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I have been married 3 yrs on 09/20/10. We both want divorce. My spouse is Jordanian, yet Permanent Resident of USA, he is Moslem but only practicing when it is conveinent in his favor. We had planned to move to Jordan within 3 yrs. We would have residence in both countries. Spouse had a auto body business going down the drain. I had just recieved a settlement from a MVA. I am disabled and awaiting decision from Soc. Sec. Disabitily. He remained in his own residence until 01/08, 5 mths. after marriage due to his ETOH issues. I continued paying my own financial obligations until he moved into my residence. He then took on that responsibility as the "PROVIDER". After marriage, I loaned him $20,000, without any signed paperwork, for purchase of vehicles he would repair & sell in that business. Ive learned that some of the funds were sent to Jordan for his business ventures. I wanted to return to the work force in a capacity within surgeons restrictions, he wanted me to stay home & just care for home. We agreed. He agreed to repay the loan with the following arrangements when I loaned him the money. Monthly he would give me $1,500.00 for USE of the funds so that I could pay my financial obligations, not repayment of loan, & to remain out of the work force. The funds would be returned lump sum, in full when we left for Jordan, planned in 2 years. We never left for Jordan. Together we purchased a property that was to house his business. I paid several thousand, he used his labor & several of the vehicles he purchased with my loan as his part of the purchase. We qualified for a 50/50 Government assisted Grant/Loan for Redevelopment of the demised property. The reconstruction is complete as of last week. He opened the business account in his name only, and last night stated he has gotten the business license in his name only that isn't going into business with me! From the beginning we were partners in this. I was the Office Mgr & he the laborer. He has handled the development of the property with contractors & the town. He brings me receipts & has me to make reimbursement statements to the State. We also purchased aanother building next door to the first that is a pizza restaurant. I paid the $25,000 down payment & remaining balance financed with previous owner. It is leased out, lease payment covers the mortgage payment with $450.00 left over. In August a deposit of $2,500 was received from tenant for property, tenant was instructed to make payment by bank check to both with both of our names on it. Half of that was supposed to come to me. I received $500 and husband used remaining to pay obligations for home & the new automotive building, and whatever else he deisred. On 08/31/2010 $6,000.00 was due & received from same tenant. Half was supposed to come to me also. Husband gave me $830 and kept the rest. For the same reasons as previous he stated. Equipment was purchased for the new automotive building. Husband had instructed tenant to make a check out to him only without my knowledge, so I didn't have to sign it. Husband says he wants that building now that it is leased & has a potential buyer. Lessee may purchase the building over the next year, at an amount twice what it was purchased for. Investment property. It was husbands contacts that found the property, & my money that bought it. He paid $800 to have air conditioning & hood serviced last month. He has paid nothing else regarding this property. It is titled in both names. We have previously seperated twice. Latter 2009 & again in February 2010, yet reconciled. Now I understand why he wanted the reconciliation at the time.We attended marriage counseling several times together. Then I alone. Therapist tells me that he has serious control issues & a serious ETOH problem. Through this I have learned he is a master scammer, & that he had not filed any taxes for several years before I ever met him, and has not til this day. He has taken my money, used it under the pretense of developing our business, says he isnt giving me anything. He only paid the $1,500 per month 3 times, until he moved into my home and took over the financial obligations, at least the ones that he thought needed to be paid. Stating then that he wasn't doing both. The rest of my obligations have ended up on my credit. We were evicted from our home for non-payment & ended up in court. I am now renting a home. He has never been on the lease although managing company was aware I was married. He was listed as an occupant until last year and was removed when we seperated. We reconciled but he wasn't added back on. I have almost been evicted from this house 3 times within 1 1/2 years of renting for non-payment. He was evicted from the location where he conducted business a year ago for non-payment of his lease.He says his business collapsed so he isnt paying me the loan, but he moved his work to his brothers shop in another town and has been working from there until our new building was ready. Now that it is, he is using tow vehicles I purchased that are in my name only to move his cars to the new location. Stating when he is done moving them he will park my trucks. He says he isn't paying any financial obligations here @ home anymore. All bills for this home are endlessly paid late monthly from the time he moved in with me, & I mean everything! My credit is shot to hell. I was just pulling out of Bankruptcy & subsequent divorce resulting from MVA & injury when I met this man. He says he isn't paying anything. He moved out 3 days ago. I have gone through so much so many times with this man. He's controlling, ETOH addiction & constant accusations regarding other men. None of which are true by the way. What do I do. I seriously need good advice. Please respond quickly as I am at a loss as to what I should do, or can do. He destroys all paperwork showing any income he makes. Please help. Although he makes plenty. He eventually covers obligations in this home & thousands he puts into the new business location. My settlement of over $90,000 is gone & I can't go back into the work force. I am a Registered Nurse. I tried to go back to school to obtain BA in Health Care Management. He denied me doing that. I'm lucky if I receive fuel money to go to the grocery store (I get assistance from the State because he doesn't buy food anymore either) & doctor appointments. Can I get any of my money back? Am I eligible for spousal support. What do I do now?

I am also a canine breeder on the side. Ive been breeding for over 10 years. I presently have 4 great danes. 2 are registered in both names as they were to be pets & 2 in my own. The ones registered to both are brother & sister and were not purchased for breeding.Last 2 were recently purchased. He doesn't help @ all in this. He is trying to take both my male stud dogs. One is registered dual & 1 mine. In the mean time he wants half of the money I earn from the breeding.
I also make & sell lunch plates one day a week. He has no funds tied up in this either. States he wants to know every plate I sell & wants half of that also.What have I gotten myself into. I do this to have a little money for myself. But if I don't give it to him he makes my life unbearable. please help.