Hi yall. I have a question I am needing some help with. Okay, Here is the delima. I am a mother to a 5 year old daughter. I have resided in Louisiana for the last ten years. My daughter was also born in Louisiana. My husband filed for divorce back in July 2007. I never cheated on him, although he did on me. In the long run, my husband and I were granted shared domical parenting. He has her for a week, and I have her for a week. After 2 1/2 years of living apart, we reconsiled this year from April 20th., till the first week of June. (which he desided to go back to his girlfriend.) When I reconcilied with my husband, we lived with his mother for the first two weeks. In our seperation I was granted use of one of our trucks. He was suposed to keep the insurance and tags up to date on the truck, which he wouldnt for a year and a half. My husband picked it up, from where I was living. Put insurance on it, and added me on the insurance to both the trucks. (I had my mail changed to his mothers address, and also where my husbands mail goes). Then we lived in one of my friends apartment for the remainder of our short lived reconciled relationship. My friend sub-leased her appartment to us, when she got evicted, because my husbands girlfriend called the office and reported us living there. I then had no where to live. (I have no family here in this state). So I moved into a shelter. I returned our daughter for his week, just like we used to do when we were seperated. He then tells me, My daughter will not live in a shelter., and I cant have her back! It was a nice shelter, my daughter and I had our own room, with lock and key, there was only 6 women that lived in this place, and they all had there own rooms. So I remainded at the shelter, due to having no where else to live. Around 11:00pm, The husband and his girlfriend did a quick number on me, and got in the truck, that I was driving, and hauled. (my name is not on the title to either truck, but as my attorney said, it is community property) He would not let me know where they live at. Now im left without my child and a vechicle. Well, I called the law, and of course they can not get involved. So I went to a guy friend and asked him, if he would help me locate where they live, and possibly help me get my truck back. (doing the same thing the husband and girlfriend did... just getting it in the middle of the night.), well that never happend. Instead I ended up getting in trouble, because I was around the wrong people, and they did something, that I was aware of, yet did not report it to the law. (that made me an assessary to there crimes). I went to jail. I am not guilty, and my attorney, and the detictive, are working to get my charges dismissed. In the mean time, I just got served papers. My husband states in these papers, he wants Sole custody, with me having supervised visitation. Also, it says that He and I have lived seperate for 365 days, so he wants an immediate divorce. He signed this under a notary, that all these facts are true. THEY ARE NOT. I can prove in so many ways we lived together and reconsiled. Can anyone give me any input on what they would do in this situation. Thank you very much for listing. Oh yes, btw I am now living with a friend, and have my own room. The husband has not let me have any contact with our daughter since July 7th. I try, and try. I text him, call him. Beging him to let me talk to our daughter. (he and his girlfriend also, have gone to jail for beating each other up, pot charges, and as far as I know that would be about it. His girlfriend did go to jail in two parishes for writing hot checks on my husbands account. I attend two classes a week, to keep me on the right path. I had a problem with hydrocodone, which I have kicked that habit, and contiune not to miss any of my classes. My husband has addiction problems too.