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#664823 - 09/18/10 07:01 PM Proving Date of Separation? Expediting Divorce NC
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Hi, new to the forum, and am hoping you guys can give me some advice.

My wife and I have decided to get divorced. We understand this is not something to take lightly, but are both very confident that it is the best choice for us both. We live in the state of North Carolina.

In North Carolina, the law states that a married couple must be legally separated for 1 year and 1 day before a divorce can be done. however, I cannot find anywhere that states how or even if one must prove when that 1st day of separation started.

So my question is this. Could someone in theory, flub the numbers a bit on the date that the separation occurred to expedite the entire divorce proceedings?

when you go to get your divorce in north carolina, how do you prove the day that the separation occurred? could one walk in, and say that they had been separated 4, or 6, or even 12 months and 1 day, and the court just accept it?

thanks in advance. please all answers are welcome, but if you have any experience with north carolina law in particular, it would be very welcome.

(we have no children, neither of us want alimony, we have agreed on property splitting)

#664824 - 12/10/10 05:18 PM Re: Proving Date of Separation? Expediting Divorce NC [Re: turnthepage]

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I have the same question as well, how do you prove that you have been living separate for a long time or what do they require? Thank you!

#664825 - 03/05/11 01:08 PM Re: Proving Date of Separation? Expediting Divorce NC [Re: ALBERTP]
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I have the same question too. I have been separated twice. It adds up to a year together...with all the cheating, he's been gone more than a year. But? how do you prove when he really left? he didn't have bills at the other location.


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