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#666325 - 09/24/10 08:47 PM Paying for private school tuition
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Does anyone know if I am responsible for paying for private school tuition or not?

I will explain the circumstances. My ex wife left me in July 2004 and took our 5 yr old child and moved to IL and filed for divorce. WI court ordered my daughter to come back to WI in Aug 2004. Originally I had custody of our 5 year old daughter and my ex wife had visitation every other weekend. In 2004 my daughter attended public school kindergarten here in WI and by summer of 2005 my ex wife had summer placement. We settled that in the best interest of our child my ex wife would obtain full time placement in IL with me having alternated weekends. So in 2005 our child attended 1st grade in IL public school. Let me say there have been multiple issues and court proceeding until now due to my ex’s unreasonable nature and failing to follow court orders that I am now pro se for all issues and court due to expenses. Anyways in 2006 my ex enrolled our daughter in a private Christian school without my knowledge. I found out talking to my daughter on the phone that she was attending a new school in a couple of weeks. I confronted my ex and she stated that I did not have to pay any of the tuition and refused to sign a document stating this. My daughter has been attending a private school since 2006. I received a letter from my ex in 2007 stating that she wanted half of the tuition cost and involved her attorney. I told them both that I was not going to pay since she did not consult or have my approval. Did not hear anything else on the subject and was dropped. My ex started again in 2010 refusing my vacations and court ordered visitations that we went back to court again for a change of physical placement. I was awarded summer placement and extra holiday time. Now we are back in court again for a modification of child support. With all my extra placement dates it is now a shared placement and child support will go down and my ex is not happy. With shared placement support the judge can include variable cost which includes school tuitions. My ex is now requesting variable costs including the school’s tuition of $5000 a year. Should I have to pay this cost now since my ex did not have my permission or even consult me about private school? There was no reason for our daughter to attend private school instead of a public school in the first place. Any help or answers someone could give me would be great. Since my ex enrolled my daughter in a private school after the divorce was finalized, it is not stipulated in the decree that I must pay. Thanks in advance for any help.

#666326 - 09/24/10 11:50 PM Re: Paying for private school tuition [Re: bingobumpkin]
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It is highly unlikely you would be ordered to pay for private school with the the situation you described.


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