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#668225 - 10/03/10 04:01 PM Think it is time...
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My husband and I have decided that the temporary split living arrangements are for the better. We came into the marriage with our own things and have split everything else up already. We are each filing for bankruptcy as we speak so the finances are not an issue either. I have two children, one is his and the older is not. We have a 50/50 split time arrangement that is working very well with his crazy work schedule and my being a teacher. What I would like to ask is do we have to arrange for child support? The truth of the matter is we make within $2k of each other and we are both ok with our own incomes (the bankruptcy plus 50/50 with our daughter are reasons). Also, I provide the familt health insurance. Can I continue to have him on my plan if we are divorced? It cost me nothing extra for him and our daughter b/c I already pay a family plan for my first daughter and myself. I suppose I am looking for the least change/conflict possible and want to know if I do this online divorce thing will it calculate and "force" child support/insurance changes? Thank you very much to anyone who can help. It has been a long, hard road and I finally feel I am emotionally ready to do this (but need the cheapest way possible).

#668226 - 10/03/10 06:37 PM Re: Think it is time... [Re: kat2800]
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Child support need not be ordered with 50/50 physical custody and similar incomes. In most states, your ex will dropped from your insurance once you are divorced. It does vary from state to state. In mine, if the premium remains the same with them on the policy, you can't drop them. Perhaps someone else from MA will know and comment.

#668227 - 02/18/11 03:42 PM Re: Think it is time... [Re: DedicatedDad]
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Hi, I live in and got divorced in MA recently.

My situation was different because the incomes weren't close, but my understanding was that if the incomes were very close, and both parties agreed to it, the judge might allow no child support. Normally there are guidelines in the form of a worksheet (you can even find it online) but these are only guidelines, the judge doesn't have to follow them.

In my case I work for a private company, and the company's policy was ex-spouses could not be carried on the health insurance. I wish she could have been, it would have been cheaper all around but the decision ended up being out of my hands.


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