I have been married to my husband for 25 years and am considering divorce. He purchase two lots just before we were married and later put my name on the deeds. I now say that I am entitled to half the appreciation on those lots since they have appreciated considerable since we have been married, and I took care of the yards for 24 years cutting grass, etc. I have always worked, made as much as him, and contributed all my salary toward our home that he built before we were married, and refinanced and on which I am on the deep. Also, he just inherited property that he is buying out his sister on that have 4 apartments that I will, if I decide to stay, will be taking care of as well...am I entitled to the appreciation on the lots, 1/2 the value in the house, and 1/2 the value of the income earned on the apartments if we stay married, for which I should keep record, and if divorced, then 1/2 the appreciation of the lots and 1/2 the value in the house. I sure wish someone could help me with this, because I feel so wronged by this terrible marriage for all these years where he has cheated on me with a prostitute and I have never had any say in what happens with anything around here. I would love a response...:-( Sad in Maryland.