How strict is NV. about moving? Also her soon to be ex is self filing and putting in there that if he moves anywhere, they should have to follow him. He works for the government. Do you think they could make her move where ever he goes? That in a sense would be taking away her civil rights of personal freedom.

My girlfriend and her ex share joint custody and neither is primary parent. Which suck for her, cause this guy gets a say in the kids lives. Anyway, he is thinking of moving to San Diego, and telling her that she and the girls will have to move with him. She can't afford to live there. But she she is very worried that if this goes back to court she will loose cause his brother is an attorney.

Any thoughts?

Also we are playing to move in together in March of 2011, can he force her to move? Here is the weird question. Could he be sued by me say if we got married, for having to move, ie... because of credit score damage for breaking a lease, moving cost, loss of wages etc...

Hope all this makes sense.