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#681980 - 11/27/10 05:56 AM what can I legally do? I know, talk to an atty...
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We've been married 27 years. Strained the whole time. We have been talking about splitting, hopefully amicably, but only time will tell if that can actually be done.

I am soon to meet with an atty to ask these very questions, but I hope to get some ideas or comments here, before I go in...

I nearly moved out at the first of December, but chose to sit tight and be patient due to the holidays. After the first, I will do what I have to do...

A bit of background... I am unemployed and going back to school-a change of career due to my company being closed after getting ravaged by a crooked bookkeeper. I have another year to go, and was challenged a few months ago with "are you just milking me out till you get a job, only to dump me?" That wasnt the plan but it sure led to a number of conversations.

She has always made more than me, and currently makes a nice wage.

I suppose I could prattle on with details, but I will instead get to the point... What can I legally do, regarding finances, once I move out in order to survive? Do I have the right to tap into that IRA of mine? She has one, and it is valued higher...

I have unemployment for a few more months, and I can probably survive on that with some adjustments. And, I have a family member willing to cover rent till I graduate. But, I would prefer to do this on my own...

I know this isnt legal advise, but would appreciate y'all giving me questions, and thoughts, to think about prior to meeting an atty...

Best wishes...
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#681981 - 02/17/11 11:08 PM Re: what can I legally do? I know, talk to an atty... [Re: bumblewee]
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If she has more money than you, You are in good shape. Rape that [censored], it will be only a teeny tiny payback for all the men paying alimony.

Do you have any kids ?
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