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#6936 - 01/03/05 03:22 AM ex does not want our 2 kids to get part of his VA
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i'm so fed-up with my ex-husband. He is retired now, and only paying 1/4 of the court-ordered child support, which is automatically deducted from DFAS. I have court order putting him in contempt of court, because he is now officially $10,000.00 in child support arrears. He did not even show up for his own appeal, so it was dismissed. NOW, he is appealing the mere $64 per month ($32 per child) from the VA that my kids get monthly. I am beside myself. He won't come visit the kids, won't write, etc, and has a "new family" with step-kids and a new bio-son. Mean-while, my two teenage daughters are not getting the financial support they need. I do all the paperwork myself, including some law papers that i filed. I just need someone to talk with. If you want to write to me, please do so, as I could use an ex-military wife to write with. I can be reached at PatriotGirl777, which is at aol. thanks. I'm really fed-up with this child-man's game-playing. He gets around the system, at my kids' expense. It does not seem fair.

#6937 - 01/03/05 05:04 PM Re: ex does not want our 2 kids to get part of his VA [Re: LovingMOM]
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How is it possible that DFAS is only deducting 1/4 of his CS obligations?
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