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#696982 - 01/19/11 08:00 AM spouse has more power because he has the money
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My soon to be ex husband left me. To me it was more like "abandonedment" with no grounds. He took my car which has both of our name on the title,(he also has his own car so taking mine was simply out of spite) I couldnt get to work or school and ended up having to quit work and postpone school, I gave him my entire check as ususal, prior to his "temper tandrum walk out", (He usually paid the bills through his bank account, and i routinely gave him my cashed check to deposit in his account since my account closed due to an unpaid overdraft fee which he inccured and never paid it off)and he took all the furniture, (leaving me to sleep on the floor), not to mention he shut the lights off a week later forcing me to leave our apartment. (spoiled food, no hot water, and not to mention it was hot, so no air!) :mad: All because of an argument I can't even remeber what it was about :confused:( I think it was about his mother). Only married for 2 years. Because I dont have a lawyer and very ignorant to the law, I, unfortunately, never made it to the right court dates because his lawyer was sending me letters with the wrong hearing dates :mad: After I realized she was not to be trusted :mad:, I finally took it upon myself to google the case numbers that was on the letters and I missed "ALL" of the hearings so far!!!! :mad: There was a default judgement ordered against me and now there is a final hearing "to be continued" from a more recent hearing. :smirk: This will be my first time showing up! What should I expect or how should I prepare myself for this "continuence" of an "uncontested hearing" that I was unjustly aware of, all of this time. :mad: Not to mention I cant afford a lawyer and was denied free legal aid. No real assests to contest but a car that was never included in the marital dissolution but was, instaed, interchaged with a wedding debt owed to the parents!! The debt is worth the same as the car!!! I also need temporary money to get on my feet. No children.

#696983 - 02/09/11 05:36 PM Re: spouse has more power because he has the money [Re: needadvice3]
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First of all it is abandonment. You need to talk to a lawyer. Find one with a free consultation. Appeal the default judgment. You need to make a showing in court and let the judge know what's happened. Make him pay for your attorney!

#696984 - 11/10/11 05:30 PM Re: spouse has more power because he has the money [Re: dadofone]
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Call the dept. of Human Services in your area and see if they can't point you in the direction of finding a lawyer that works for women that are in your situation or call a divorce attny and ask them where to go for help.


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