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#704480 - 03/01/11 09:04 PM do I have rights
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my husband and i got divorced in 2007 and we remarried a week later. the reason for the divorce was a technicality. we were living together at the same time. now he wants to divorce me and say i am not entiled to anything.. i have witnesses that can prove we were lvinmg together at the time of the first divorce. am i entiled to anythng?

#704481 - 03/01/11 11:01 PM Re: do I have rights [Re: stardivine]
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I am not sure I understand. You are entitled to what any other person would be entitled to in a fopur year marriage. That remains true unless you can somehow reopen the original divorce based on some valid reason such as fraud. That would seem unlikely since any fraud would presumably been known to you at the time.

In a four year marriage you are entitled to one half of anything acquired and any debt incurred during that time period.

#704482 - 03/01/11 11:50 PM Re: do I have rights [Re: Maury]
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I have a feeling the OP was married for a significant period of time, divorced in 2007 and remarried a week later. What her husband is probably trying to convey is their accumulated assets to be split, if any, will only back to 2007 rather than the date they were first married. I'm reading between the lines, but hopefully the OP HAD a separation of assets in 2007.....perhaps since they never lived apart and got remarried again so fast it never took place.

This could make a tremendous financial difference if they had a long term marriage first.

#704483 - 03/02/11 04:05 AM Re: do I have rights [Re: DedicatedDad]
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Her husband is correct if they divorced in 2007 and a division of assets was included.


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