I was just informed by my STBX that he has bills I don't know about, which is why he needs his entire paycheck. Now, I've been a SAHM for around 10 yrs now with 4 children. I've been looking for a job, only there's nothing around I'm qualified for and schooling isn't an option at this time (I want my divorce finalized before I go back to school). He's a truck driver. He's been pressuring me to 'get a job' for a while now. He's even suggested several times that I go to truck stops and offer to 'clean out trucks'. Which would put me at risk of being raped or worse.

I've already spoken with a lawyer about filing for divorce, though I haven't hired him yet. I've got plenty of evidence of the 'hubby's' cheating, lying, neglect and abuse towards myself, my children, family, and friends.

My question is pretty much this. When someone states they "have bills you don't know about.", can I take that to mean he has established a separate household, apart from his wife and children? Especially when said bills take his 'entire paycheck'?