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#706261 - 03/05/11 07:54 PM starting over
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Wonder if anyone could give me their opinion on how they feel this could turn out. I have been married for 19 years now and my husband decided he wanted a divorce. Yes it's due to another women. I have health problems and have since the birth of our first daughter 20 years ago. Due to my health and care of our daughters I have only worked part-time. My health problems are the following, Lupus, sjogrens's, hypothyroid and Renal tubular acidosis. I wanted things to be fair so I asked my lawyer to offer him a deal of five years of alimony and health insurance for three. I wanted some time to go back to school and earn a degree and be able to stand on my own feet. He turned the deal down and things went to court. He has a considerable more amount of money then me and can afford the lawyer fees so everything turns into a fight. I live in PA and I'm 37 years old. Our youngest daughter just turned 15. My questions is I can anyone give their guess on how the judge could rule on this or what the outcome might be. Thank you in advance

#706262 - 03/05/11 08:22 PM Re: starting over [Re: justme37]
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The only going against you is your young age.

Only a local attorney could tell you the potential outcome.

#706263 - 03/05/11 08:31 PM Re: starting over [Re: DedicatedDad]
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Thank you for your quick reply. I just want things over with. Since this other women came into his life he has turned into someone I don't even know anymore. Some of the comments that come out of his mouth shock me. The last one really put me on edge and even came out in court. He commented that "a gun is cheaper then a divorce" Sad I don't even feel like I ever knew this man

#706264 - 04/11/11 05:40 PM Re: starting over [Re: justme37]
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Don't let his comments get you down. I often wonder how happy they are when their personalities take such turns for the worse?

#706265 - 06/21/11 06:52 PM Re: starting over [Re: Bucci]
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When there's a drastic inequality of financial resources in a divorce, it's possible to request that the court order the better-financed individual to pay for the other person's lawyer.


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