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#707094 - 03/11/11 09:01 PM Incarcerated Husband. I desperatly want to divorce

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I dont know what to do husband is incarcerated. We were both residing here in Phoenix AZ but he has been moved to a prison in Tucson. So Do I now have to file in freakin Tucson???? If not, how do I get hime served by the sheriff if I am in a different county?? Can he contest the divorce (there was tons of PROVABLE DV)?? I just had our daughter and want no contact between this possible?? PLEASE HELP!! This is hell!

#707095 - 03/11/11 10:12 PM Re: Incarcerated Husband. I desperatly want to divorce [Re: MRSMISERY]
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You can initiate divorce from where you live, but no contact may be much more complicated. Only a local attorney could advise you based on whatever info you have.

#707096 - 04/11/11 02:35 AM Re: Incarcerated Husband. I desperatly want to divorce [Re: DedicatedDad]
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Sorry to hear of your troubles.
Book an hour or so with Ronee Korbin Steiner (480) 284-5252
She's the best in Arizona, I have been using her for nearly two years (pre and post divorce) there's nothing she doesn't know about family law.


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