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#708053 - 03/22/11 03:41 AM Responsibility of public school to notify parents?
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I am hoping someone can help me out. My child got sick at school a few weeks ago and her father was called to come and get her. He works, and I'm currently unemployed, but they called him anyway. I was never notified that she was sick and he ended up leaving work to go get her (mind you, the school called him at 9am to get her and he said he'd be there in 20 minutes and finally strolled in at 11am, but in his defense he was working). He took her to the ER because she was running a slight fever and had a sore throat. The ER doc diagnosed her with strep and gave her medication and away they went. I received a phone call from the ex only AFTER he left the ER. The fact of the matter is that it WAS "his day" with her, but the school didn't know that. Are they not required to call both of us in a sick child emergency? My understanding is that medical decisions MUST be made by BOTH parents in a 50/50 custody agreement and I was never even notified that she was sick.
Any info would help, I couldn't find anything on Google.
Thank you.

#708054 - 03/22/11 03:49 PM Re: Responsibility of public school to notify parents? [Re: sbhdr]
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They are required to call the first parent listed and if tat parent can take care of the matter, the school has no obligation to make further calls. The other parent should notify you of any medical situations. However, a visit to the doctor is not an emergency so notification within a reasonable time would presumed. That appears to have occurred.

Only major medical decisions require an agreement through joint legal custody. Regular treatments or treatments for a illness generally do not.

In other words, based on your post,it sounds like everything was handled appropriately.


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