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#710129 - 04/05/11 11:09 PM Will I lose the house?
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Wife had an affair a couple years ago and I forgave her and we worked it out and had been doing well. She has flipped out and I suspect she may be doing it again. She admitted the first one and if she is doing it again will probably do the same. The house is completely in my name although I doubt that matters.

If I have been faithful and she is the one acting out - what is the likely outcome.. I want the house and the kids.

I hear Massachusetts is the worst for men - is that true?

#710130 - 05/11/11 03:19 AM Re: Will I lose the house? [Re: blownaway]
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Adultery won't have impact in who gets primary custody or who gets the house.

Can you afford to buy her out of her share of the house ?

#710131 - 07/03/11 01:59 AM Re: Will I lose the house? [Re: finz]
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Massachusetts laws is extremely unfair to men, you shouldn't have to
buy her out if the house is yours, you should be able to keep the house.

#710132 - 07/03/11 10:38 PM Re: Will I lose the house? [Re: blownaway]
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Separation of assets is usually fair. Child custody is another story. Adultery is not used as a factor. You need an attorney yesterday.


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