I need a divorce in the most efficient way possible. I haven't seen her in years, since '03 or '04. I'm not sure where she lives, nor do I care to. There are children involved, but they were/ are in custody of the maternal grandmother. I do pay child support, and have never heard anything different concerning custody. There are no property issues or anything of that sort. It's regrettable that I never filed for divorce when I was still around there, but being young and foolish is easy to see in hindsight. Obviously, that situation was and is a mess. I've gone on to meet a great woman and want to move forward with my life. The marriage was in Kentucky and I now live in Tennessee, and have for a few years. I really just want to get a divorce done with. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I'm going to post this in the Kentucky section as well. If any other info is needed, I will gladly provide it. Many thanks in advance.