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#710936 - 04/11/11 05:35 PM PLEASE HELP
tdemm Offline

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me and my wife are about to go through a divorce.she says she doesnt love me anymore and i am still holding out hope.i feel that with counseling things may get better but it isnt going to change her feelings about me .I also think she is suffering from depression issues which she denies and says its because she is stuck here with me .I just dont know what to do let alone think i should try.

#710937 - 04/11/11 09:43 PM Re: PLEASE HELP [Re: tdemm]
courage Offline

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the question is. what do you want to do? and then do it.

#710938 - 04/11/11 10:41 PM Re: PLEASE HELP [Re: courage]
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i want to fight tell there is nothing left to keep this going but i can only hope so much before it runs out

#710939 - 04/15/11 07:37 AM Re: PLEASE HELP [Re: tdemm]
finz Offline
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If you really feel like there is something to save then you should keep fighting !

Be active with that.....don't just sit around hoping things will change. You can't make her go to counseling or see her doctor to discuss possible depression, but you can look for help yourself to find ways to communicate better with her, decide if you should see her through in 'sickness and health', and decide what you really want your marriage to be.

You can only hope that if you make positive changes the mood will be contagious.

#710940 - 05/03/11 09:51 PM Re: PLEASE HELP [Re: finz]
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There is one thing you need to remember tdemm; You cannot change a persons mind or make them love you. You can possibly nudge her to do something about the issue with depression but other than that, she will have to do some thinking of her own. If she's depressed, her decision making is compromised but that is not yours to call!

#710941 - 05/25/11 09:48 PM Re: PLEASE HELP [Re: tdemm]
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yeah I hear u. My husband is unhappy and doesnt feel that "connection" to me like when we first got together. He married me anyway and has stayed with me for 5 yrs hoping that it would change and the "connection" would come back. He says in one sentence that he wants to take a yr to try and work on our marriage and in the next sentence says he doesnt even feel a glimmer of hope. Ugh, its so very confusing and is depressing me and making me very sad and worried about my future.

#710942 - 07/15/11 04:09 AM Re: PLEASE HELP [Re: tdemm]
jryan Offline

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Talk it over and try to rekindle the feelings you had when you were first married.

#710943 - 08/04/11 07:46 PM Re: PLEASE HELP [Re: jryan]
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When she says she doesn't love you anymore, how does she define that...what's driving it? Does she feel you don't love her anymore so she's given up for example...what's the underlying issue?
You deserve to lead the fine life don't let ANYONE tell you differently!


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