After a year of marriage my wife and I have decided that the marriage isn't working out. We went to counseling and have worked hard on it but there is no progress...

In short,

No one did anything horrible or wrong in the marriage.

We want to try to do this divorce on our own so we can save what money we have.

I called my county clerks office and they mentioned something about self divorce packets.

We do not have children and we both agree on who gets what...

I found what I think we need here at this website:

[]Uncontested without children and agreement to all issues[/url]

We both agree on:

I, the husband, gets the following:

The house, all of my 401k, my car, my own debts(student loan, car loan, mortgage), 50% of our house saving account(which is under my name only) and we are just deciding on furniture as each day passes.

My wife gets:
50% of our house savings account(which is only under my name), her debts(car loan, student loan) and same with the furniture.

The house title has both our names and the mortgage only has mine.

If we do this uncontested divorce...

Do we need to specify all of this information above in the form. Like telling who keeps the house. Who keeps what car. Who gets what furniture? That we are 50/50 the "house account".

Basically, we don't want to miss any details with this form... I don't want my car going to her when it's mine and I she doesn't her car going to me. We both agree the mortgage/house should stay with me and my 401k should stay intact with me. We should keep our own cars.

I know what I need to do as for removing her from insurance and other things at work. Along with the title.