It's been brewing for a while now, we have 3 children, and I don't love her anymore. I used to think I could stick it out and that maybe, when the kids grew up and moved out that life would be less hectic. I thought I could at least stay until my youngest (5) graduated High School. Now I know that I cannot wait that long. I've come to the realization that I want something more, a soulmate. I don't know if I'll ever find her, but I do know it's not my wife, and I've always known it. What I'm looking for here is advice on how to let her down gently, and advice from both men and women on what they would have done differently or would have liked to have had done to them or for them. I plan on going from my nice life to a dumpy apartment so that they can all stay in the house on our street that we love. I just want it to be easy and I love my kids so much and I hate so much that it's come to this that I'll give her everything. I just want out.

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