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#719655 - 06/03/11 04:55 PM divorce rights
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I am currently separated from my husband, he resides in montana and I have moved to Colorado. I do not want a divorce however he may be filing soon. He is 67 and I am 61 I want to stay married to him because I would like to get his social security if he passes away. Neither one of us will get married again, My husband has cancer is in remission and his life span is between 2 to 10 years. He is afraid I will take everything from his children if we dont get a divorce. I just want the social security for my old age nothing else so I suggested a legal separation. I dont want to hurt my husband finacially but I invested 12 years was a fairly decent wife and I just want to be taken care of in my old age. I should mention the kids, his and mine came between us and we lost a connection, he is a good man and I dont want to ruin him, just want security in my old age :confused: Have to be married ten years to get social security we have been married 5 1/2 years, together 12. Does this sound like to much to ask under the circumstances?

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#719656 - 06/03/11 07:41 PM Re: divorce rights [Re: burowone]
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Yes it does sound like too much. If you were married 9 1/2 years, I would understand.

#719657 - 06/06/11 11:55 PM Re: divorce rights [Re: burowone]
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If his life expentancy is between 2-10 years you could end up not getting his SS even if you remain married.

The truth is if he wants to divorce you aren't going to stop him but if Montana is a community property state half of what's his is yours anyway. If you truly only want to stay married for the remote possibility of a larger SS check then point that out to him.
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#719658 - 04/27/12 09:33 PM Re: divorce rights [Re: Debi]
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I have been ill since I was 23. My husband & I have been married 25 years.I was 17 when we married. He works away from home. I have not been able to work...have tried little odd & end jobs but was terminated due to missing so much work. He comes home & says I have met someone new,I want a divorce. What are my rights? He wants me to settle for a $350 house note & $300 a month for 2 years. This just doesn't sound fair. He makes $100,000+ a year. We live in Mississippi. And I DO NOT want this divorce.

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