I have a unique situation. I was previously married in another state and got divorced in Wisconsin because i was then a resident in Wisconsin. I remarried shortly after, but the marriage took place in Georgia in fall 2009.
We relocated to South Carolina last year and i found out that he (second husband) has been cheating on me through out our entire marriage ==> On 5 separate occassions . I have proof of that and needless to say I now want out of this marriage ASAP. I have been reading up on the laws in wisconsin i realized that we got married short of 6 months of the final divorce decree from my first marriage in wisconsin. From what i have read so far, under wisconsin laws my marriage to my second husband is voidable/void because of 6 month waiting period. So i dont know if i can get an annulment from the state of Wisconsin or South Carolina (current residents) OR go through a divorce on the grounds of adultery. Any idea on residency requirements to get this annulement in Wisconsin since we moved like 11 months ago?