Please give some feedback...

First and only marriage of 28 yrs ending,am 53 now and raised our daughters.
Stay at home mom, but did work with spouse in our own business for about 5 yrs. Then I got a job outside the home primarily to get corporate health insurance for the family as owning own business we couldnt afford it.
There always have been financial issues,my credit is shot as a result. Spouse moved away 2 yrs. ago, a far commute to get a job, came home only weekends to work locally and maintain customer base.
Sold house a year ago, moved us into apartment, $ small profit from sale was used for debts, supposedly.
Spouse is filing this week for divorce. Been separated since beginning of feb.
Spouse says he is imminently forming a new business partnership and since we are still married, he wants to offer me all his retirement $, which is not much and will not be accessible without large penalty I assume till later years, and wants me to sign off on any future profits or connection to this new partnership/business. If i do not sign away my rights, spouse will have to wait till after we are divorced to form partnership and will lose an edge in the seasonal market he is in business in.
I have no savings, have an hourly wage job in an office and no money to pay for a lawyer.I raised our kids for 12 yrs, they are not minors, and I supported him/worked with him in our business as a partner.
If i do not sign off on this new business partnership, he wants to do a quick online cheap divorce. He has retained a lawyer i was told today.
I do not have any idea what to do, I cannot hire a lawyer, there is no shared property, but there is shared debt.
Isn't there anything to be said for the years put in for raising children and being in business with him (in fact it is the same business that he is wanting to sign with a work colleague to form a new partnership in) Plus I with his support to stay at home, gave up building a career for myself. Do I even have rights to a certain percentage of the business because I worked with him in it previously and helped build it?

What are my rights, options,i have no idea what to do. I am not adverse to getting an additional job, and I am not a woman who is looking to rip him off. I just want what is rightly due to me as I rebuild my life: some time, some agreed $ support as i proceed forward.
Any suggestions would be great. thank you.