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#728166 - 03/18/16 10:49 PM Re: You know what to do.. [Re: Annie7676]
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Exact same thing happened to me. No use in holding on. She's already checked out of the marriage. Plus even if you forgave her and she came back it would always be in the back of your mind and it will eat you up. Get therapy and work on yourself. Concentrate your energy on yourself and kids if you have any. The emotional pain is worse than physical pain but it does get better with time. Also, don't rush into a new relationship. Get your head right first.

#728167 - 10/03/16 12:38 PM Re: You know what to do.. [Re: Annie7676]
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I think you're a good man with issues that need to be sorted out, I think you're right monitoring her activities to prove her not committing to you but I feel you can hire a computer expert to monitor her phone activities to have an idea of what's going on, I tried it once with [email protected] and it's safe to say it turned out good. Good luck to you

#773148 - 03/28/17 11:39 PM Re: You know what to do.. [Re: JohnAnthony]
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Just a general comment. Most people do not leave relationships, especially marriage if there is not someone else or someone they are pretty sure will be there when they do leave.

The exceptions to this general rule is that people that are abused or facing addictions in the marriage may leave without someone else being there.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard a woman that gets tired of her husband or starts feeling old then claims she dose not love her husband, is not happy and swears there is not anyone else...then you find out there was someone else. Then she tells people that my husband was controlling and some level of abusive and she wasn't happy.

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