I have questions regarding community property. When my soon to be ex and I married he was retired and living in a house he had purchased before we married. While living in that house I put $15,000 of my separate money into a remodeling project. He eventually sold the house. Am I entitled to get that $15,000 back?

After we were married for a year my mother passed away and with the money I inherited from her I purchased a house. The contract was in my name only, but the title company put both of our names on the deed. We have both put money into the house but I have put a lot more than he has. I paid cash for house with my inheritance, I paid all the utilities, tax and insurance on the house. He paid nothing. In the divorce can I get back my original investment back and then split 50/50 the amount the house has appreciated in value since the purchase? He is trying to get half of the house.

Retirement. My husband was already retired when we married. I still work. The law regarding retirement being community property was inacted in order to protect the person who did not work and would not have had any retirement if there was a divorce. My husband did not work because he was already retired. Would the court give him half of my retirement under those circumstances?

FYI, we have been married only 6 years.

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