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#730754 - 09/13/11 06:26 PM Pro Se and he has a lawyer and I cannot afford one
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I earn $500 over the poverty limit and do not qualify for any legal aid. All pro bono attorneys in CT go through Legal Services and you qualify by being very low income. All the colleges also work through this agency. I have no money and I am seriously ill. I am asking for alimony and medical expenses. I filed a Pedente Lt motion and was sent to mediation. His attorney lied through her teeth. I had good arguments but got so angry at the lies that when she awarded my $25 a week and said my insurance was enough, I refused to sign the order in court. I knew something was up when we met in Mediation and the Mediator turned to the lawyer and started making small talk. Finally she asked why she was there and the attorney turned to me to explain that it was I who had a motion. I am going back and refiling the motion. This time I know what to expect and I will go for blood. I hate liars. He already is worried about the cost of his attorney if we go to trial and has approached my Bishop to mediate. However, he will not give up his attorney so I will not mediate at this point. Can anyone give me some pointers or assistance?

#730755 - 12/11/11 02:57 AM Re: Pro Se and he has a lawyer and I cannot afford one [Re: Goldroof]
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Your H has a right to have an attorney. What happened to your motion? Was it ever heard? The mediator cannot have "awarded" you the $25. It may have been a proposal from the other side. Did you just get mad and walk out?


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