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#732331 - 10/06/11 02:25 AM Is this normal in TN?
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Ex contacted me with a date and time for mediation by phone, I haven't received any paper work from anywhere. I called the court and they don't have anything filed. I don't live in TN and unsure on their procedures, but is there such a thing as mediation without filing in the courts and not sending the other party information on who your suppose to call, who the mediator is, and above all, what your even mediating? Don't you have to file in court, give the other party a chance to answer, then the court sets a mediation or hearing date or how does this process work in TN? :confused:

#732332 - 10/14/11 09:26 PM Re: Is this normal in TN? [Re: wolvbucks]
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If you havent recieved anything how do you even know. You should be getting some sort of papers first, I mediated 4 times in TN and of course everything went thru my attorney. Your only problem is if you need an attorney then they will have to be licensed in TN.

I dont think the court would contact you. This is pretrial, if you have a court date then thats all they know about. Tell her to have the attorney send you something on whats going on, this may just be a way to apply pressure on you to settle. I think you need to get an attorney for this matter just to make sure where you stand.

Good Luck

#732333 - 11/10/11 05:18 PM Re: Is this normal in TN? [Re: buckwheat]
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If your mediating it should go through the attny's. It should have to be filed in the court until (or if)you come to an agreement by the lawyers. Stay out of court if at all possible.


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