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#736311 - 11/27/11 01:10 PM dating before divorce papers are filled out
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got a question about my divorce, my wife moved out a month ago because she wants a divorce, she's doing a dissolution of marriage. She's at her sisters house with our 17 year old son. I'm back at my dads. She left me on a Friday & on Sunday night she started talking to a co worker on her shift about her marriage & other problems we had at the time of or relationship. He was lending a ear to her. Over the past few weeks i talked to her on the phone to see how the divorce was going along, she told me last week she hasn't done anything because no money to file, i told her you dont need the money to pick up the papers & fill them out. So that Friday she got the papers, i asked her this past tuesday hows it going, getting there she says. I found out last night from a mutual friend that she was at the bar with her sister & some guy. They were holding hands & hugging, she didn't say if they were kissing. I texted the wife to see if she had fun with her boyfriend. no reply, then i called her cell. No answer & left a message that i won't go into detail because it wasnt nice. she texted back she's moved on & told me to do the same 4 weeks ago & that she's been seeing her new boyfriend for a couple of weeks. She said NO she isn't f___cking him, that she should know her better then that because that's not what she's been missing in our marriage, she's been missing the attention like kisses, holding hands, hugging, listening & talking. So to make a long story short, she's been dating this co worker for the past 2 weeks & she claims no sex which i want to believe because we've been together a total of dating/married for 20 years & i was her first everything & she's emotionally broken. She's gotten no where with the papers is guess. Is it ok to be doing this or can i get her for anything? We took what we wanted from the house, we rented so there's no house, seperate bank accounts & our own cars. Just wondering if i can make this messy for her & her new boyfriend.

#736312 - 11/28/11 01:30 AM Re: dating before divorce papers are filled out [Re: spddmn1]
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"Is it ok to be doing this or can i get her for anything? " quote

You can't keep somebody in a marriage if they want out. Do you want to spend thousands to prove she is an adulteress? Then what? Why not get the papers and prepare them yourself and be done with it? It's very upsetting, but you will gt over it. Keep your chin up.


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