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#738873 - 12/26/11 01:34 PM Lump Sum vs Periodic Alimony payments
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Does the court decide which form of alimony is awarded or can this be decided by mutual agreement of the two parties? Is there a way to increase the eventuality that one or the other would be awarded?

#738874 - 12/26/11 08:13 PM Re: Lump Sum vs Periodic Alimony payments [Re: jandc1963]
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The parties can agree on lump sum or periodic alimony, and in the latter case, how much and how long too. I don't understand what you mean by the second question. More facts would help.

#738875 - 12/27/11 01:50 AM Re: Lump Sum vs Periodic Alimony payments [Re: Renny]
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The easiest way to increase the chances of one method being chosen over the other is for both parties to agree to that method.

Alimony is tax deductible to the payor and taxable to the payee, and alimony is also terminated upon the receiving spouse remarrying. If your aim is to get the other spouse to agree to the lump sum or periodic payments, emphasizing how your preferred payment method will benefit them is probably a good start to getting an agreement.
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