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#739850 - 01/05/12 03:22 AM Someone please help!!
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On Sept 24th 2011 im moved out of my house because my wife said she needed "time". I moved in with my friend. Since then she has told me she wants a divorce and has changed the locks on my house. She has taken me for child support even though i have been the main caregiver to our 2 young children the duration of our 8 year marriage. I am a work from home dad. She has cheated on me several times and has admitted it. I loved my wife and children and have been going thru separation anxiety like crazy. I feel like it has been a bad move to move out the house being that the kids live with her now. Will i be able to legally move back into my house? If i get a locksmith to open the door? What kind of recourse can she take? I pick my kids up from school every day give them dinner and do their homework with them.
We both have lawyers. My lawyer has done nothing for me but charge me tons of money. We have a house and 2 cars in our names. Pls help me!!

#739851 - 01/10/12 05:58 PM Re: Someone please help!! [Re: vocabsr]
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Take it from someone who lives in PA and also moved out of the house, MOVE BACK IN NOW!!!!! Trust me on this, you screwed yourself by moving out, get back in before it's too late or everything in the house and the house and kids and all will be lost to you. If the house is in your name, get your (*& back in it TODAY!!! If the house is in your name even jointly, you can legally break in and she can't do a damn thing. But, the longer you wait, the harder it gets. You get back in, refuse to leave develop a presence back in the home and if it gets confrontaional, don't touch her, call the cops and get a restraining order on her. Sounds ugly but trust me, it will get uglier and if you left the home, you will get the short end of the stick.

#739852 - 11/09/12 05:22 AM Re: Someone please help!! [Re: naive_no_more]
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First.....this post is old, so I realize there is not much activity for the PA category. Anyway, on this point....not so careful. I don't think you can force your way back in, this is like "possession is 9/10's of the law". If you left, best bet is to do everything you can to work you way back in peacefully. If you get back in or for those who did not leave.....
1. Dont ever leave the home. That is the worst thing you can do....once your out, they claim abandonment.
2. Dont fight, its worthless. Dont talk unless your asking a question that is relevant and invokes thought.
3. Never get angry/break things...always keep your cool. It is very easy for your spouse to claim the need for a "protection from abuse". Dont ever give them the grounds....and if you are abusive, do everyone a favor and leave and get some help.
4. If you have kids, focus on them, go to their school events, conferences, sporting events, school trips...etc. Many men think working all the time to provide is divorce, its more important to be involved.


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