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#740726 - 01/17/12 06:47 AM Property & Debt Questions
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Hi. I am considering getting a divorce from my husband. He is controlling, emotionally abusive and has cheated on me multiple times! Right now he is supporting me. But, I have applied for disability and it will be enough to support myself if my bills stay low. We own a mobile home, which he said he will give me if we get a divorce. We also owe alot of debt. It is mostly medical bills and some older credit card bills. I no longer use any credit cards. When we get a divorce will we have to sell the trailer to pay all the debts off? Even if I get the trailer how on earth will I pay all the old debts? With a Job or disability, I am only going to make so much income with my education, HS and 1 yr of college. We do not have any children, he does not want any with me. Thanks for reading my post and any advice that you have to offer.

#740727 - 01/17/12 12:35 PM Re: Property & Debt Questions [Re: mishas]
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You don't have to zero-out your debt upon divorce. He can agree to take all the debt and give you the mobile home, unless it's encumberdd by those debts. Can he afford the debts and is he willing to assume them?

#740728 - 01/18/12 05:30 AM Re: Property & Debt Questions [Re: Renny]
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I think he would agree to most, if not all of the debts but he is only working part time right now. Really neither of us can afford the debts. But he has a job and I don't right now. There are not any liens on our home. It is paid off. Thanks for replying.


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