My husband moved out. I am a stay at home mom. we were married for 22 years. ive never worked. My husband makes very good money. He wants to give me 48% of his income in support which im told im lucky to have that because if i go to domestics i wont get that much. in that support he wants me to be responsible for the car payment, mortgage, and alot of credit cards. its not enough to live on and would force me to find full time work and with no education or experience or training, i had have to work two full time jobs to cover everything. i cant afford to go to a lawyer and i dont know my rights. the mortgage loan is in his name only but im on the deed. and all the debt (credit cards) he wants to leave me are in his name. i am not a joint cardholder. am i responsible for these bills? we filed bankruptcy 6 years ago and i dont want to see our credit go down the tubes but this is almost an impossible situation. i really need some advice. please help