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#743641 - 02/19/12 01:15 PM In Law's destoying my marriage spitefully
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Hi, all I am in a situation where my mother in law doesn't like me based on I don't allow her to convert my 2 step-children into her religious beliefs. I have been in her way! she resents me based on that. She wants me gone out of her daughter and grandchildren life altogether. My ex-wife has been trying to get custody of our son together and during her recent attack she contacted my mother in law spitefully knowing we don't get along. This was what my mother in law was waiting on to happen. They both teamed up against me went to court for my ex-wife for our hearing my ex is using false abuse allegations hoping to change custody and was given TEMP custody that day. I wasn't worried because it was court proceedure to give her TEMP custody until they investigate so I was never worried being that this was the 3rd time she pulled this since 2012 trying to get his social security check in her household.
My mother in law used my son being taken away as i'm guilty and put fear in my wife that they was going to take her 5 children also so she panic so her mother convinced her to leave and stay at her house the same day, and while there went on the attack destroying our family/marriage from my ex-wife influence and her own hate and desire to get rid of me. My wife has a severe mental illness and is easily influenced and her mother know that and has manipulated her illness influencing my wife to walk away COLD TURKEY that same night, we was happy no domestic violence, adultry, never been separated was doing good until I went to court that day. My wife didn't know her mother was going to be there for my ex-wife.
My wife was mainly concern about her children being taken away and that fear and her mental illness allowed them to influence her to do as they wanted. shut down all communication, took my children and encourage her to walk away from everything leaving me with the bills knowing I can't afford them my originally was going out there for a few days leaving me to remain stable in the home to fight to get my son back but that soon changed, her mother and attorney whom is the same one that my ex-wife is using teamed up to stragize ways to help win both cases and losing my stability would prevent me from getting custody from both of them so they plotted that forcing me out of this residence feb 29th can't afford it,plus I have to attend the pendent lite hearing the same morning. my mother in law wants blood this is all her doing and you can tell it in the complaint and the fact she is forcing child support which my wife always told me she know I am a good father and would do that to me, my in law want me to lose all my children and wife so that I am out of her way to control and dictate my wife and her children forcing her religion on them without me in the way! So far is getting away with this. I can't afford any lawyer about to be homeless on the 29th and they are trying to take my VAN which is my lifeline having no family or friends in SC that's my bed until I could do better. I trusted and believed in my wife as family everything I did was for us and I depended on her and she allowed them to influence her to pull the rug out from under me over night leaving me in a bad situation. The real issue is my mother inlaw want me gone abusing her daughter weakness, and law for her personal happiness. but I believe the good going to get them because they are doing this spitefully trying to achieve what they want. my family was happy, just had a wonderful xmas dinner together I recorded on video. My mother inlaw may get away with this!!!!

#743642 - 02/19/12 01:17 PM Re: In Law's destoying my marriage spitefully [Re: stanyslaww]
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since 2008 i ment to say

#743643 - 02/19/12 10:47 PM Re: In Law's destoying my marriage spitefully [Re: stanyslaww]
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I had to reread your post several's VERY confusing. As for as I can tell:

1. You have been married twice divorced once.

2. You have a disabled son from your first marriage. You had custody until recently, when your first wife was granted temporary custody based on abuse allegations; permanent custody is pending.

3. Wife suffers from severe mental illness; you are currently estranged from said wife. You have three children with your second wife and she has two children from a previous marriage/relationship.

Where to start?

There is no question that you aren't telling the entire story...too many holes. From what you HAVE relayed...I don't see too much difference between you and your MIL when it comes to 'control' issues. Seriously dude, you do NOT get to 'allow' your STEP-children. It's one thing to back-up your wife when it comes to HER children, but it's another thing entirely to make than decision on your own.

My only advise is to get an attorney to address both cases. A good attorney will in the first case with your ex-wife, be able to 1) show previous false allegations and 2) get your MIL's testimony tossed. As for the second case...if your wife's mental illness is that 'severe' might be able to get custody of your three joint children.
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