I filed for divorce in PA in Feb 2008, it was granted Oct 2010. My ex went through 3 attorneys during this process all who dropped her because of her unreasonable demands,
She filed by herself for PA to decide the financial part of divorce. The judge said they would. That was in June 2011. Nothing has been done since. She lives in our house in Fl, the house is worth 300,000. We sold other property which gave us each 80,000. There is no debt in the marriage for either of us. I am retired military. I deposit 1200 a month in her account for her since I left in 2008. I have our daughter with me since 2009. My ex wants the house, half of my military retirement plus half my pay from my job.
She wants life time alimony. We were married for 18 years, she has a college degree and has been taking classes for 2 years to refresh her degree. She is 52 im 49. She worked for only 2 years in beginning of marriage her choice to not work after marriage. What are the possibilities a judge would do? I filed for the divorce due to finding emails to another man.