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#746056 - 03/21/12 06:51 PM Modification
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Ex asked for modification and I have to appear in a few weeks.

I have a base salary and a percentage of sales that differs from year to year depending on business levels. How will they determine my new Child support order?

#746057 - 03/21/12 07:02 PM Re: Modification [Re: Houston]
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Also Child Support in texas is based on net or gross?

here I read:

How do courts set the amount of child support?

Texas, like every other state, has its own child support guidelines that govern how much child support a noncustodial parent must pay. In Texas, child support is calculated by multiplying the paying parent's net income by a percentage that is set in the guidelines.
Net Income Calculation

A calculation of net income begins with the parent's gross income, which includes salary, commissions, overtime pay, tips, bonuses, interest, dividends, rental income, royalty income, trust income, retirement income, disability income, and any other source of funds. It even includes prizes, gifts, and alimony from a previous marriage.

Itís best to calculate gross income as an annual figure. Once the figure for gross income is set, subtract the following (also computed annually):

1. Social Security taxes or, if the paying parent doesnít pay Social Security taxes, any mandatory retirement plan contributions

2. federal income tax (based on the tax rate for a single person claiming one exemption)

3. union dues

4. health insurance premiums and other medical expenses for the child(ren) if the court ordered the paying parent to pay these expenses.

The resulting figure is the parentís annual net income. Divide the net income by 12 to establish monthly net income.



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