My wife and I have been married for 12 years and have two kids. We just recently moved into a house (3 yrs ago) that we can barely afford. We have no savings, assets, stocks, etc. Our credit card debt is about $1K. So other than the house, we really don't own much. She works part time/seasonal and I've been with the same company before we even moved in together. I make about 85-90% of our income.

My questions:
1) If we do a 50-50 joint custody, do we take a designated monthly child support value and divide it in half based off of the percentage split above?
2) Is there a PA table that shows a range of what child support should be?
3) How is spousal support determined and how long does it have to be paid?
4) Since we recently moved into this house and have minimal equity in it; I am assuming it will have to be sold since there is no way we can afford it and another residence for the other spouse.
5) What if after I determine how much money I need to live at a bare minimum and there is hardly enough for her to find a safe livable arrangement?

Side note: At this time we want to make this mutual and painless. Our main focus before all this and after is to be the best parents together for our children. We want to keep them in this new community we moved to. (Great school district and friends) We are hoping to remain friendly and still attend kid functions and other events when possible together. We just need to find our own happiness and balance in our lives.

^Anyone out there have a clean marriage like this and actually still was civil and hung out with your ex?