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#748528 - 04/27/12 03:53 PM My Husband is Taking Me Down
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Ive been married for 27 years to a man that has never worked for anything and lost everything. He has always been putting on that he's a BIG SHOT and trys to play with those who have worked and become successful. He has never been a manager of money or a good businessman and has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Money that I inherited and had been putting away for retirement. I always felt I had to go behind and clean up his messes which he never acknowledges or feels remorse for. He just goes at it time and again and builds up debt. Some years back he was diagnosed with a debuilitating disease and he has slowly deteriorated but not to the point of being unable to function. He uses that crutch to get himself as far as he can with people. Last Fall I told myself enough is enough. I will enable him no more. My home is in mortgage for way more than its worth, because of him and maybe I can retire when I'm one foot in the grave. I have lost all respect for this man, I have no feelings for him nor do we talk much. We have seperate bedrooms and just exsist in the home. He sleeps most of the day and watches TV at night. Doesnt work or have a job nor does he do much around the home. He waits to be doted on and is controling. He says I'm his meal ticket. I am a Christian woman with strong beliefs about marriage but I'm at my ropes end. There is no getting through to him that I've had enough, I'm not happy or healthy in this relationship. What do I do??????

#748529 - 07/31/12 03:48 AM Re: My Husband is Taking Me Down [Re: ronnie523]
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get an attorney and get a divorce

#748530 - 02/12/16 04:07 AM Re: My Husband is Taking Me Down [Re: newBeg2012]
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First of all there are some similarities between us. You need to kick him out of the house. He will continue to be a emotional toxic vampire sucking up all your energy. Sometimes when they are kicked out, they do go get a job. Do you want to spend anymore time with this "man"? Let it go, so that more postive energy can surround you. You must take the first step or live with him choking the life out of you. I left an abusive relationship, and it was the best thing l have ever done. I learned to laugh again, finally.

#748531 - 02/20/16 10:58 AM Re: My Husband is Taking Me Down [Re: aut555]
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This poster is from 4 years ago.


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