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#748570 - 04/29/12 05:12 PM Uncontested and Child Support
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I am currently going through a uncontested divorce in Louisville, KY. My ex-wife and I have a 4 year old son which we share 50/50 custody. We agreed upon all division including me not paying child support and no maintenance. I currently pay for our sons health insurance, her health insurance (until divorce is final), child care, and I've paid for everything down to hair cuts, medication, etc. for our son. Well my ex-wife got a call from the district judge or assistant and said they would like for us to come in for mediation because the Judge wants to know why one of us are not paying child support.

Is this normal? Am I about to get the shaft? I'm right in thinking that it is not a LAW that one of the parties MUST pay child support as long as both parties agree upon these terms, correct? That's what I get out of (Kentucky Statutes - Title 35 - Chapters: 403.210 and 403.212)

I would appreciate any help possible!


#748571 - 05/03/12 02:59 AM Re: Uncontested and Child Support [Re: singledrew04]
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You can agree on the child support amount provided its within the statutory guidelines. Your agreement does not trump state law, which is designed to protect the children's best interests.


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