My husband's Michigan divorce was final in 2006. The divorce decree awarded a portion of his company retirement to the ex-spouse. No QDRO was entered at the time of divorce. Now, 6 years after the divorce was final, the ex's attorney has sent a proposed order (which, by the way is a 'draft' and hasn't gone to any judge) to my husband "for his signature". My question is, why does the attorney need my husband's signature if he already has the court order awarding the pension rights to the ex? Is there a time limit for issuing a QDRO based on a court order which he has exceeded and now he needs my husband to agree before he can issue the QDRO? Or is he trying to pull a fast one by changing something about the award and trying to get my husband to agree to it? It seems like something is very fishy here and I don't think he needs my husband's signature to issue a QDRO. Thanks for any advice!