I filed for divorce over a year ago. Unfortunately, in the county where I filed, there is no automatic temporary parenting plan set. Therefore, both myself and my soon-to-be ex have "custody". About 4 months ago, at the advice of my attorney I set up a visitation agreement with my husband, but it had not been signed by a judge. My ex continuosly threatened to take my children and leave state, which my attorney has heard. My ex would take his "visitation time" sometimes and sometimes he wouldnt. All of a sudden he decided he wanted more "visitation time". My attorney and I both agree he is only asking for more time to lower child support. Long story short, when he picked up the kids for visitation, he stated that he wasnt going to bring them back. I know that because there is no parenting plan, there is nothing I can do until I get into court. But my question is...what will the judge think of him doing this? He only seen the kids a handful of times for the first 10 months we were seperated and he has gave no support at all. Will this act on my ex's part, influence the judges decision on custody and visitation?