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#749580 - 05/23/12 06:41 PM Visitation
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I just finalized my divorce last week and our daughter will be staying with me during the school year (I am custodial parent) and my ex-wife every-other-holiday and throughout 2/3 of the summer months.

My attorney set-up visitation so my ex-wife has to provide 100% of the travel to-and-from where I live (in exchange for no child support... it was the only way she would sign-off on the paperwork).

Anyway, another stipulation is that I get our daughter (3) ten day periods during the summer: 10 days after school is out, 10 days during the summer and 10 days returned to me before school starts. Our daughter has church summer camp for a week in July and my ex-wife sent me an e-mail stating that she'd drop-off our daughter (3) days before summer camp to spend with me. My ex-wife's reasoning is that the week of summer camp counts as part of my visitation even though our daughter will be two hours away and we'll have no contact during that time. Has anyone ever heard of this or know the rules?

If anyone needs to know more background concerning my divorce or has questions, I'd be happy to provide facts if interested.

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#749581 - 11/14/12 05:48 PM Re: Visitation [Re: cyclone259]
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It depends on if your decree states that it is understood that the parents will make reasonable efforts to make accommodations for other family functions such as family reunions weddings etc. and other functions benefiting the child such as school activities sports etc. I know summer has passed but this may help in the future and these two statements normally follow one another and is at the end of all the visitation statements

#749582 - 10/27/15 09:48 PM Re: Visitation [Re: csk1]
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