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#750412 - 06/04/12 06:16 PM Advice desparately needed!
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I am new to this place. I have not ever posted on a divorce forum before. I am hoping someone can help me.

I have been divorced for 3 years. My ex and I were not married very long. We got married because she got pregnant. My family and I thought it was the right thing to do. Big mistake. She is very controlling and bossy and treats me like I should not even be involved in my baby girls life at all.

Our daughter just turned 4. Because of circumstances beyond my control I have not been able to keep up with child support. She thinks just because I owe her money that she can tell me what to do and treat me like crap.I have one other daughter too. She just does not seem to understand that being a single dad of two girls is not easy and I cannot always financially support them. I am a great father and try to be as involved as I can be, when I have time to.

I have always just had standard visitation and taken it when I could take it, but I think I should be allowed to have 50% visitation now that my youngest daughter has gotten a bit older and will be starting school soon. Her mom and I don't live in the same town but we aren't very far from each other and I think my daughter would like to be with me more. she is for sure a daddy's girl. I think any dad who is a good dad should have the right to have their kid more than just every other weekend, right? what do I have to do? Can I file myself or do I have to have a lawyer? Will having 50% custody lower my child support?

Also my mother just retired and I think she should be able to keep my youngest daughter every day instead of having to pay for daycare. My ex does not like this idea and I dont understand why. it would save both of us money. She never has liked my mom and we have had issues with her before but if it saves money it saves money. shouldnt I be able to let my mom watch her every day even on my exes days?

Thanks in advance for any advice. Oh, and we live in Kansas.

#750413 - 09/06/12 01:43 PM Re: Advice desparately needed! [Re: KSDad76]
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Looks like you have been waiting on a response for a while. Have you checked with Legal Aid? If you are low income you may qualify. It sounds to me like you need to go through a conciliation process where a court appointed social worker works to bring you and your ex to an agreement or an attorney might just simply file a motion for you without going through conciliation. You can probably contact your local district court and find out if you can file on your own behalf but you are probably better off finding a legal aid attorney. Hope that this helps.


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