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#750438 - 06/05/12 11:59 PM Judge finalized divorce without my consent help
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My ex filed for divorce in August 2011 in Oklahoma, I live in another state. I replied via a letter to the judge in September. I didn't hear anything until Feb 2012 when it was finalized without any input or knowledge of my wants, parenting, etc. I need to now appeal. Has anyone been through this? Anyone know of a good lawyer or pro Bono one in Oklahoma>

#750439 - 06/09/12 07:55 AM Re: Judge finalized divorce without my consent help [Re: girlfrustrated]
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Are the kids with him or you ?

If they have been with him all this time, it seems like a status quo has been established.

What is happening now with visitation ?

#750440 - 02/16/13 01:16 AM Re: Judge finalized divorce without my consent help [Re: finz]
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At this date you're out of luck unless you can prove that you were deliberately kept from participating. No judge will finalize a divorce without having seen a reasonable attempt to contact you. Did you move after the initial notice without notifying the court where you went? Does his lawyer have any correspondence from you showing you knew about hearings and such? Because those are things his atty could point to as examples of why an appeal of the original decree shouldn't be allowed.

If you're looking for a change in custody, you're going to be better off demonstrating a new reason of why you should get that, rather than trying to appeal so late in the game.
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#750441 - 02/16/13 12:10 PM Re: Judge finalized divorce without my consent help [Re: girlfrustrated]
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It's too late to appeal. The divorce was final a year ago. Have you even gone back to see the kids in all this time?

Custody is already set. You moved away and the kids live with the other parent. With an attorney, you probably can get some parenting time, but since you moved away, you will be responsible for all transportation costs.

Your post is embarrassing. Abandoning your family and kids has nothing to do with "woman's rights." It should be under custody issues.

There are a few pro-bono attorneys out there, but they like to take cases where there has been an injustice. In your case, the only injustice that could occur is if you got custody after abandoning your kids for a year an half.

#750442 - 02/17/13 04:27 AM Re: Judge finalized divorce without my consent help [Re: girlfrustrated]
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[/quote]I replied via a letter to the judge in September. > [/quote]

This is NOT a valid response. What in the world did you write? What did you think a judge would do? The court works through filing motions, petitions, etc., officially, with copies sent to all parties, and by actually showing up to any and all court dates. A "letter to the judge" probably went into the circular file. I would be shocked if it was ever read.

The fact that you have moved away and haven't been very proactive after all this time speaks volumes, as the others have pointed out.

Folks, the original post is from last.June. How in the world did it get.resurrected??

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