I understand, coming from severe abuse for 15 years. You do become paralyzed and are unable to move forward. You need to take little steps, like go get a phone, prepaid. Try for part time job. Call an abuse hotline, call the police. Get a cab, get out, go for mental health counseling without anyone. Once you start documenting what you feel and what you go through, you will find strength. Some days will be better than others. Start grabbing your life back little by little. Even the emergency room at the local hospital will provide a place to document abuse. Be prepared for the backlash. I moved out of state from my abusive husband. I don't have much, but l am no longer with man. That is my real happiness, and that is priceless. He has dragged out the divorce process, but l no longer have to look at him. Got rid of all his pictures. One day at a time, grab your independence back. He turned my daughter against me, but l still feel free.