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#751052 - 06/22/12 02:40 AM Roommates during a divorce
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my soon to be ex is saying that by Texas Law the only roommate I can have must be blood related or spouse. I'm just trying to get a rent house with a friend of mine. both of us are guys. anyone heard of this?

#751053 - 06/22/12 02:46 AM Re: Roommates during a divorce [Re: Shmoputz]
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I was divorced in Texas, and I had the morality clause in my temporary orders (meaning no members of a "romantic" nature may stay the night while the children are there). First of all, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to enforce unless the other party is willing to run to court on every whim. Also, considering that the roommate you are considering is the same SEX as you, she would also have to prove to the court that you are GAY as well. Not gonna happen.

Get the roomamte, all will be fine.

ETA: Okay, I though about this after I re-read it, and I need to ask something. Are you gay? It doesn't bother me, but if you came out recently, yes, a same sex roomie would be a problem. Just had to ask that.

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