In June of 2009 my husband and I agreed that I should quit my full time job to stay home and raise our 2 young children, 3 and 1 at the time, and 1 in the oven! I had a very good career with the State of California making pretty good money. But, yes, it was wearing me out and his job was also paying well, so after months of debating we finally did it. I left at the end of June 09 and cashed out my retirement, first mistake. He said we needed the money to pay off some bills, which we did, and took a nice vacation. The total we received was around 8,000.00. The money was deposited into our joint bank account as that was the only account we had.

He walked out in early December of 09 and I recently found out that he has placed a claim with the IRS stating he is an "innocent spouse" and the shouldn't be held liable for any taxes due from 2009 tax year. I was floored! First off, I didn't even know we owed taxes, secondly, all those notices were being sent to his address and not mine and he didn't tell me once that the IRS was seeking this money. I was really confused because when I did our taxes for the 09 year we received a refund which was split 50/50. He is now claiming I begged him to file with me. I about laughed uncontrollably at this crap. I prepared 2 sets of taxes to show him the end results. One where he filed alone with no dependents, because the children have been with me this whole time, and the second one where we file together for the last year of living together. I was actually doing him a favor. So in the first scenario he would have ended up owing something like 9,000 and you all know the second one. Obviously he chose the latter. And now I get this notice from the IRS claiming he is an innocent spouse and shouldn't have to be responsible for paying back any portion of the taxes because he didn't know anything about it. Ha, neither did I! Appharently the IRS did not take enough out of that retirement check I received so that is where the owing money came from. 2,500.00 to be exact. I have offered to split all of our bills, including taxes, evenly and he flat refuses saying I should pay him!!! OMG he is crazy. So I have appealed the IRS ruling because they actually found in favor of him even after my explanation and telling them about how he hid this information from me. I don't think they employ people at the IRS with any common sense. How difficult is it to see he just trying the skirt his responsibilities? I don't get it. Has this happened to anyone else?