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#751680 - 07/06/12 04:20 PM Need a lawyers free advice
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The domestic violence laws here leave a lot to be desired. I've been with my husband off and on for 14 years. We have both made our mistakes. We have been married for almost 12 years. In the 14 years that we been doing this, I've had to have him arrested for beating on me and threatening me. I've had 2 TRO/OP's. Even though he doesn't hit me anymore (not to say that he hasn't wanted to or that he'll never do it again), he is very mentally abusive to me. He belittles and degrades me to and in front of the kids. I'm not allowed to use his phone, his car, his money. He goes to work and leaves me here with the kids. No phone, no car, no money. He even told me not to use his computer. There is no place else for me to go and he knows it. He knows that I'm just stuck. I feel like a prisoner. Except in prison I'd have people to talk to. I don't work and haven't worked for most of our marriage. I'm just an uneducated housewife/stay at home mom. It seems like the worse he makes me feel, the better he feels about himself. On the 4th of July, he got in my face and was screaming at me and telling me how bad he wanted to beat me to death, while our son was in the other room. So, I left with nothing but the clothes on my back. I had to walk to the next town where I knew someone. It was like 110 degrees out. That's how I have to get anywhere, walk. There is a little store here in town, but I only get $50 a week for my daughter. I'm not allowed to have or spend his money. Both kids wear glasses and the new ones have been in for over a week and I have no way to take them to get them. Please help. I'm so frustrated. I feel so helpless and worthless. Isn't what he's doing called abuse?

#751681 - 12/11/12 01:45 PM Re: Need a lawyers free advice [Re: casnmatsmom]
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I am not a lawyer but you need to take your kids and go to where its safe and yes, its mental abuse. Please think about your kids, they will grow up to think that its normal and this is not normal and you can ask the Judge for child support and SS. Be safe


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