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#751925 - 07/17/12 07:32 AM Husbands girlfriend is in a home that we own....
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Im so frustrated and angry! My husband has moved his girlfriend into the home we own together. He changed the locks on me, will not allow me to get personal belongings, clothes, etc. The g/f is using the computer that I bought and paid for. Yet, husband says he is still paying on it. Such a lie but all receipts are in the home for purchases I made. I finally after 21 years of verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse, left the home, with clothes on my back and car. I stayed in my moms home, she was diagnosed with cancer, and getting my belongings was the least on my mind. I was trying to take care of her. I was living with a friend after her death since her home was too expensive for me to live in. I had no place for storing items. I finally got an apartment of my own in Jan 2012, asked for my stuff, and he gathered a few items but the rest is still there. My husband will not allow me in my home for my belongings. I have consulted with police and because I left with good reason, police state I have abandoned the home. So they are unable to do civil standby. He dropped my health insurance in December and I have been without since. He refuses to give me petty items such as a scissors. I will be so glad when I can say I'm free!

#751926 - 07/22/12 03:38 AM Re: Husbands girlfriend is in a home that we own.... [Re: ShatteredHope41]
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How long did you abandon the items there for ?

Do you have a court order saying that he MUST keep you on his insurance until the divorce is final ?

When should the divorce ben final ?

#751927 - 07/28/12 10:16 PM Re: Husbands girlfriend is in a home that we own.... [Re: ShatteredHope41]
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Sounds as though you want a divorce, in which case you should file a petition for divorce and set a date for a temporary hearing or order to show cause and have him served. Ask for all your itemized personal belongings and temporary spousal support. In the petition you would of ourse ask for half the marital assets and cover ll the bases.

Check with women's shelters and the YWCA to see if legal aid is available.

#751928 - 05/15/14 05:05 AM Re: Husbands girlfriend is in a home that we own.... [Re: Renny]
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This also happened to me. Its so painful! But so far, now that its in a Florida court, no issues on abandonment of the home. We'll see what happens. Good luck to you.


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