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#751951 - 07/19/12 12:01 AM Adultry
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My spouse committed adultry.

With all the risks on health with this intimate act I feel I have been assulted with a potentially deadly weapon.

One of the reasons many marry is to ward off potential sexual health problems and this ment so much to me that while dating we each had HIV testing to be sure no risks were present.

Adultry is condoned in Florida and I feel Florida unfairly ignores the interests of the non-adulterous spouse.

I think marriage is a contract and sexual specificity is a part of that contract.
If this is not the case then come up with a second form of legal co-habitation but do not call it a marriage...

There should be a penalty of some type for adultry in order to discourage it.

Florida embraces no-fault to the point that getting a marriage contract - er excuse me- marriage liscense is pointless. There are absolutely no standards of conduct and anything goes...

People are wising up to this and just not getting married to begin with. This causes a heavy financial toll on society google the topic and see great articles on it.

#751952 - 08/06/13 12:56 PM Re: Adultry [Re: spot14]
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Yeah, Florida doesn't care. I was divorced at 42 to a spouse who slept around and now I have permanent alimony. I get to pay for her sleeping around for the rest of my life.


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