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#752325 - 07/29/12 04:41 AM Reasonable Laywer Fees in Texas
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In Texas, I gave my Laywer a $1500 retainer to file an uncontested divorce. After several months and one postponement, he asked for another $1500 saying the retainer was all used up. His bills did reflect work done but I was suprised at $250 per hour.

Is that average, resonable or expensive?

It is over now. We did get a final agreement and divorce finalized at no additional costs but I just want to know how fairly I was charged.

#752326 - 08/10/12 08:21 PM Re: Reasonable Laywer Fees in Texas [Re: JoJoMan]
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If there were substantial assets 3k is not unreasonable.

#752327 - 09/11/12 04:09 PM Re: Reasonable Laywer Fees in Texas [Re: Renny]
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#752328 - 03/26/14 09:08 PM Re: Reasonable Laywer Fees in Texas [Re: helen21]
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I paid $200 an hour for my attorney. Where is your attorney on the divorce? Are you still dividing stuff up? You should call and ask how much more you can expect to pay. There are things that will be out of your control (like the other person stalling, or contesting). However, the attorney should be able to say that he has to do X, Y & Z and then you will be divorced.


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